With a strong focus on lender compliance through our establishment of TitleCore Secure, we are committed to a comfortable, positive and worry-free experience for our clients. At TitleCore National, we understand that compliance with consumer protection requirements is a priority for our lender community, and that makes it a priority for us.  Nothing is more important than safeguarding the funds and protecting the confidential information of the consumers who rely on us in their home purchase and refinance transactions. We invite any of our clients to obtain credentials to access our policies and procedures under TitleCore Secure.

We also understand that simply saying we care about compliance is not enough.  We have to demonstrate both our understanding of compliance and our commitment to it.  We have developed our policies to document that the procedures we follow meet the high standards you have set, are otherwise consistent with regulatory requirements, and reflect the best practices in our industry.

In the necessary focus on compliance details, it is important not to forget that the beneficiaries of our efforts are your customers.  Your goal and ours is to provide the best service possible. We do our part of that by ensuring that the home purchase or refinance process is as comfortable and as problem-free for your customers as we can make it.

We are confident that our policies and standards will verify that we take our compliance responsibilities seriously.  We value our relationship with you and look forward to serving you and your customers in the future.

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